Sotirios Chatzis

Associate Professor, Lab Director, and Department Chair: Prof. Sotirios Chatzis is a Computer Engineering graduate and holds a PhD in Statistical Machine Learning. He is currently Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Informatics of the Cyprus University of Technology, and serves as the elected Department Chair.
Prof. Chatzis was lucky to study alongside renowned Bayesian statistics experts with the Centre for Computational Science, University of Miami, USA. He worked with Imperial College London as a Senior Research Associate for three years, before becoming Faculty with the Cyprus University of Technology.
His research interests lie in the fields of Bayesian Deep Learning. Characteristic application areas include recommendation systems, natural language understanding, video understanding, inference from financial data, as well as unbiasedness, exploitability and trustworthiness in the era of Machine Learning.
He currently serves as PI of several research projects funded by the European Commission and Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF).



Konstantinos Panousis

Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Panousis received his Ph.D. degree in Machine Learning from the University of Athens, in 2020, with a focus on Bayesian Inference Techniques for Deep learning. Dr. Panousis research interests lie on variational Bayesian inference for Deep Learning, Bayesian compression, and Adversarial Robustness. He has published 2 papers in top-tier venues, and participated in HORIZON 2020 and Cyprus RPF research projects. 

Harris Partaourides

Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Partaourides received his Ph.D. degree in Machine Learning from Cyprus University of Technology, in 2018, with a focus on Bayesian Inference Techniques for Deep learning. Dr. Partaourides research interests lie on hierarchical Bayesian models and deep hierarchical feature extractors. He has primarily worked with supervised and unsupervised learning for modeling data with spatial and temporal dynamics, while keeping an interest in reinforcement learning. He has published many papers in top-tier venues, serves as a reviewer for major Machine Learning venues (Transactions on Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition), and participated in HORIZON 2020 and Cyprus RPF research projects.

Kyriacos Tolias

Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Tolias received his Ph.D. degree in Machine Learning from Cyprus University of Technology in 2020. His research focused on Natural Language Understanding by means of Bayesian Deep Networks with Memory. He has published 2 papers in top-tier venues, and participated in HORIZON 2020 research projects. 

Andreas Voskou

PhD Student: Andreas holds an MSc in Computing from Imperial College London and a BSc degree in Physics from AUTH. His research interests include modelling of temporal and spatial-temporal data, Deep Learning and Bayesian nonparametric techniques. He is currently working on establishing effective and memory-efficient Deep Learning methodologies for Sign Language Processing.


Tasos Antoniadis

PhD Student: Tasos' work focuses on adversarially-robust Bayesian deep networks.


Konstantinos Kalais

PhD Student: Konstantinos' work revolves around transfer learning for sequential data. 

Georgios Panaretou

Researcher: Giorgos is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the Cyprus University of Technology and received his degree in 2020. His thesis was about the classification of genders from frontal face images by analysing the texture features of the images. Giorgos is currently a member of the CAT-SL project.

Panos Paramythiotis

Data Scientist: Panos graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business , with a Master of Science (MSc) in Statistics (applied statistics) . Skilled in data analysis (data manipulation and visualization) , with Python and R programming languages , in Statistical-Predictive Modeling . Strong ability in storing and manipulating data using SQL . Graduate of the University of Patras , with bachelor degree (BSc) in Mathematics .


Adam Landos

Researcher: Adam has obtained his BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Cyprus, with a Master of Science in Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. His masters thesis concerned an unconventional type of brane in the context of supergravity, a theory which blends supersymmetry and classical gravity. He also interned at DESY (Hamburg) at which he conducted research in the String theory team. Adam works as a Machine Learning scientist on the Lightsense project at the Cyprus University of Technology.